Canvas Prints



Our gallery-wrapped, solid faced canvas prints are warp-resistant and ready to hang with a sealed finished backing. They are mounted on high-density wood fiberboard and may be hung with or without a frame. The clarity of the image and color accuracy is our top priority.

Pricing: (Parenthesis indicated framed prices CALL FOR CUSTOM)


10x10      $40.00                           18x24   $125.00  ($175.00)

12x12     $50.00                            20x24  $130.00  ($180.00)

 11x14    $60.00 ($100.00)             20x30  $150.00  ($200.00)    

12x18     $90.00  ($130.00)            24X30   $175.00  ($225.00)

 16x20    $100.00 ($150.00)           24X36  $200.00   ($250.00)              

16x24     $110.00  ($160.00)          32X48   $350.00  ($425.00)


If you have questions or concerns please contact us by email at or by phone at 207-280-0398. Some of the images print better on specific sizes or dimensions so options will be provided.

If opting for a framed canvas they are available in black, white or walnut.  Call or email to order.

Shipping rates will be determined by most efficient and least costly mode (USPS,UPS, FedEx). Arrangements may be made to pick up your completed art at one of our upcoming shows to avoid shipping costs.